Lesser Known Monsters

"Oscar Tundale is useless, or at least that's what he's always thought. He and his friends are about to discover that not only are monsters real, but some of them are very interested Oscar. Now, they must find out what the monsters want, before something terrible happens to London, or worse yet, the world."

The Lesser Known Monsters series is a Queer Dark Fantasy featuring a diverse group of heroes. Perfect  for fans of m/m, paranormal romance, and action adventure with a twist of horror.


The Bone Gate

"More than a year has passed since Oscar's friends stopped him from ending the world as we know it. Life is settling back to a new normal, and everyone is finally able to take a breath. The group are preparing to embrace the tedium of day jobs and current affairs, but must first deal with a little unfinished family business and some surprise house guests...oh, and a creature born from darkness hell-bent on destroying reality and everyone in it. Well, that didn't last long, did it?"


The Little Book of Lesser Known Monsters

This book collection of short horror stories is set in the world of the Lesser Known Monsters series and contains no spoilers for the main books.

"Monsters are real, and they are everywhere. They could be the handsome man serving your coffee with a wink in the morning, or the quiet cleaner diligently going about their duties. They may also be the burning-eyed skull-headed fifteen-legged hell beetle feasting on your eyes. They are not all very subtle."