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It's Alive!!!

Hi! It me!

I finally managed to make a website!

I've tried doing this somewhere between fifty and one hundred times.

The templates drive me to distraction, and I normally give up after becoming sick of it. Alas, today is the day. I fuelled myself with coffee and sugar and attacked. There was no turning back, and I did it. I think. Any of you some kind of website wizard that spots anything I've done badly, I'm always happy for pointers!

It wouldn't be my first post if I didn't give you an idea of things to come.

I will be using this blog to update you on my progress, general thoughts, and experiences. Content will be 100% writing related, unlike my Twitter feed which is a barrage of silliness and wonderings. My stories are Fantasies, sometimes with a dark edge, and always with queer characters involved.

I don't want to bore you all on the first pop, so I'll keep it short.

Thanks for being here, weirdos.

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