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Hi Everybody!

Just a quick update, I have been working on edits for the last couple of weeks. 'LKM' is really taking shape and I can't wait to share it...

The release still stands at Halloween 2020, I am thinking of some fun ways to work around the release to build in some excitement.

As well as progress on 'LKM' book one, you may be interested to know that I also recently completed the first draft of 'LKM' book two. I had little say in the matter, as soon as I started typing, I couldn't stop - and completed the draft in a little over a week. It certainly wasn't a sustainable way of writing, but I hope that the second book grips readers as much as it gripped me as a writer.

You may notice that I have added a tab for a mailing list. I thought it would be useful to do this as sometimes following peoples updates on Twitter (where I do most of my communication) is difficult. I hope that some will join so that I can keep you up to date on all the latest news on my books.

It's been a difficult 2020 so far. I'm incredibly grateful that I came into this year with my mental health in a relatively good state because there have certainly been some challenges. Seeing many of the writing community grouping together to speak out against racism and transphobia has been inspiring. Even if these days are dark, the courage of so many gives me hope for a better future.

Stay well, and take care of yourselves and each-other.


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