"It is the eleventh of October, at four twenty-three in the morning.

The weather in London is overcast with a temperature of nine degrees Celsius (forty-eight point two degrees Fahrenheit if you're into that sort of thing).

There has been mild precipitation; this is England after all.

Oh, and the world is ending.

The world is ending, and it is due to the choices of a young man named Oscar Tundale.

He is entirely average in many ways and less than average in more.

This is the story of why the world is ending.

And how Oscar let it happen."


The Lesser Known Monsters series is a queer dark fantasy featuring diverse characters and found family adventures. Perfect for fans of action and paranormal romance, and dark supernatural stories with LGBTQ+ heroes.


"..think SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES mixed with flavours of Gaiman, Lovecraft, and Poe. An indisputable five stars."

 Halo Scot, author of Edge of the Breach

"A fast paced and fun dark modern fairytale, perfect for a stormy night."

 Ash Knight, author of Stay

"Michaelson debuts spectacularly with this fresh and surprising urban fantasy that will leave you breathless."

 Dean Cole, author of Chasing Ghosts

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